My Story

My personal story started with an unhealthy childhood.  I was plagued with severe hay fever, chronic earache episodes, skin allergies and an assortment of other issues.  At an early age I was diagnosed with anemia which knowing what I know now was probably a source of many health challenges.

When I was about 7 or 8 my grandmother who was very young became crippled with rheumatoid arthritis.  In the late 50’s, early 60’s after seeing numerous doctors she met one in a small town in Illinois who of all things, treated her with massage and nutritional counseling. She took all kinds of “weird” things for that time such as kelp, selenium and more that are main stream today.  At that time supplements weren’t easily found and had to be ordered or purchased during a shopping trip an hour away.  Because her RA was brought on by a case of strep throat that was not treated her body was very toxic. She would sleep at night with bread wrappers on her feet to help sweat out the toxins in her body along with a strict diet prescribed by her doc and the massage treatments.  After a year she was returned to a state of good health and went dancing on a regular basis and decided to learn to do massage to keep her family healthy.  Because she lived outside a small town in Illinois where everyone knew her they saw a MIRACLE take place as she went from a complete cripple to an active productive person again.  When people learned that SHE was learning to do whatever it was that “CURED” her she had people coming to her door wanting help before she had even completed her training.  Her massage career spanned about 30 years and at the age of 76 she retired.

In 1981 I started working with her because she needed someone to help her and I, living on a farm with no outside income, needed the extra money.  I quickly became addicted to massage and have been practicing ever since.

Now…back to MY STORY….when I was 16 I had mononucleosis and from that point on I struggled with chronic fatigue.  Life took its toll  over the years from “OVERWORK” to the general (and maybe not so general) stresses of life…. I started to develop many other symptoms of pain, muscle weakness and more.  Life was often a hormonal nightmare and eventually I was greeted with the news that a hysterectomy might be advised.  After a period of time I gave in the idea and just 2 short weeks after the surgery I had a car accident and 4 weeks later my pain ignited into a full blown experience.  After months and months of testing and trips to the doctor I received a diagnosis of FIBROMYALGIA.  Halfway through the testing when it looked like that was where things were heading I turned in to a “sort of” research junkie.  I spent every spare minute googling, reading stacks of books and by the time a firm diagnosis was delivered I had it under control myself.  With a combination of supplements, frequent massage and some diet changes I started to notice a change in my pain level followed by improvements in other areas.  A few short months into my recovery I realized that I had been sick for a very long time but it came on so gradually that I didn’t realize it.  I still have occasional flareups some self inflicted by diet, overwork or lack of self care but all in all I am healthier now in my 60’s than I was 30 years ago.

Now I get to enjoy my 2 young grandsons in a way that I would not have 20 years ago

What I learned from my experience is that no diagnosis has to be a life sentence and while many things cannot be eliminated completely many limitations that we accept as “getting old” are just symptoms of things that are out of balance and changes that need to be made.

If you see yourself in any part of “my story” and are ready to reclaim your health and experience more out of life I am here to help you.  A complimentary “strategy” planning session can help you define your personal goals and determine if we are a good fit to work together to reach those goals.