A Journey To Wellness MassageIs your goal to function with

  • Less Pain
  • More Energy
  • Better Sleep
  • More Flexibility
  • A More Youthful Appearance
  • A Higher Quality of Life

I implement custom plans to help you enjoy better physical health with less pain and a calmer, joy filled life.  I am  here to help you plan YOUR journey to wellness by utilizing massage and lifestyle changes to optimize your health and help to reduce unwanted signs of aging.  Enjoy a life with less pain, more energy and more joy.  What is your desire…aging IS NOT A DISEASE don’t submit to it.

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Types of massage

What is cupping massage?

Stationary Cupping:
Specially designed cups are place in specific areas where they remain stationary for up to 30 min
Gliding Cupping:
Using a combination of stationary cups and gliding/massage with cups to acheive desired results
Cellulite Cupping:
Cups are applied to “cellulite” areas to increase circulation and break up pockets of fat cells to achieve a smoother appearance.
Magnetic Cupping Reflexology:
Magnetic suction cups are used in various areas of the feet or hands to effectively treat specific organs and areas of the body to achieve more balance and functionality of the entire body.
Relaxing Swedish Massage
Swedish massage: light to medium pressure designed for stress reduction and relaxation
Integrated Massage
A customized treatment plan will be designed specifically to YOUR needs; a combination of many different techniques used at the right time for the right conditions and issues to receive the maximum/desired results
Deep muscle and tissue treatment; lymphatic drainage and circulatory stimulation and relaxation treatments to relieve pain, and to reduce stress and fatigue. A great choice if you are pressed for time. 15 or 20 min session does not require disrobing.

A “Healer” is not a person you go FOR healing  

but someone that triggers within you your own ability to heal yourself.


Rhonda Rathert

                                      Master Massage Therapist, Certified Health Coach,  Nutrametrix Consultant, Esthetician
  • Assessment Consultation                      $25

Do you need to reduce pain, enjoy more energy, better sleep? Together we will discover your personal goals and develop a strategy to get you there. 

A typical session may include a quick assessment:  Bodywork: Swedish massage, deep tissue, cupping therapy, Gua Sha, GX99, stretching, reflexology techniques, essential oil therapy, supplement recommendation, lifestyle/eating adjustments ~Homework~ Session times are approximate as they are RESULTS ORIENTED

  • Bodywork Focus Session  (approx. 30 min)  $55  Prepaid price $49  3/$129   Focus on  2-3 areas
  • Bodywork Intermediate Session (approx. 60  min)   $89  Prepaid $79
  • Bodywork Comprehensive (approx. 90 min) $112 Prepaid $102